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Sports Business United is a dynamic and innovative program designed to introduce students to the exciting world of sports business. Through a comprehensive curriculum, real-world experiences, and industry connections, Sports Business United equips students with the knowledge and skills to grow in the sports industry and beyond. By blending the passion for sports with business acumen, this program empowers students to explore various paths, develop essential skills, and gain a competitive edge in today's evolving job market. 



The Academy offers a comprehensive range of courses and programs tailored to high school students who have a passion for the exciting world of sports and a desire to explore its vast business opportunities. The Academy acts as a launchpad for future academic and career pursuits, providing a solid foundation for those interested in pursuing degrees or careers in sports management, business administration, marketing, or related fields.


Sports Business United Media is your go-to destination for captivating sports business content. We are excited to deliver Industry experts that will immerse you in the fascinating world of sports business. We are dedicated to sharing their insightful stories, thought-provoking topics, and in-depth interviews that highlight the dynamic nature of the sports industry.

Sports Business United Agency empowers students to make a real impact in the local sports community while gaining valuable hands-on experience in the dynamic field of sports business. The best way to learn is by doing. The Agency provides students with exciting opportunities to put their knowledge and skills to work in local athletic departments, youth sports organizations, and schools. Students have the chance to apply what they've learned, and also gain a sense of purpose and social responsibility.

Ken Clark


Hi. I'm Ken Clark, a sports industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in various roles, including Specialty Retail, Sports Marketing, Product Creation, and Business Strategy & Operations. I was a Division 1 soccer player and coach, and as a teacher organized and taught High School Business classes. In addition, I have shared my knowledge of the Sports Industry instructing at university certificate programs and as a guest speaker in a variety of courses.

Combining a passion for sports and business,  Sports Business United provides high school students with a unique opportunity to learn about the exciting and growing world of sports business. This program strives to inspire the next generation of leaders by delivering instruction, expertise, experience, and industry connections to students eager to transform passion to profession.

Learning about sports business is not only relevant for those interested in pursuing a career in the sports industry, but also for those interested in entrepreneurship, marketing, and other fields. By participating in the Sports Business United Academy, students will gain valuable knowledge, skills, and connections that can help unlock their full potential in college and beyond.

Why Sports Business

My Story

Growing up, I identified myself as an athlete, in particular a soccer player and specifically as a goalkeeper. I was also a decent student, striving to excel academically while pursuing excellence on the field. However, I had no clear idea of what I wanted to be "when I grew up." Everything changed when I took a one-semester elective course in Introduction to Business.


Taught by a lacrosse coach who was hired to start the new program at our school, this course transformed my perspective. His infectious enthusiasm and interest in sports led to many of his examples being based in the world of athletics. I absolutely loved it. Not only did I learn the fundamental concepts of business, but I also gained a deeper appreciation for the fascinating world of sports.


My first job at a soccer specialty retail store propelled me into the business side of the sport I loved. Customer-centric approaches, understanding profit margins, fixed costs, retail buying strategies, inventory turnover, event sales, and building a sense of community became second nature to me.


After college, I landed a role as a high school business teacher. Armed with a year of experience teaching Introduction to Business, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, and Management, I was able to develop and teach a course in Sports Marketing. It quickly became a popular class, attracting a diverse group of students each semester. This experience served as a catalyst for me to leave teaching and apply all my knowledge in practice.


I joined Nike and have since held various roles in Brand Marketing, Sports Marketing, Product Creation, and Strategy & Operations. Working alongside incredible sports professionals, industry executives, retail giants, and elite global athletes, I've had the opportunity to travel to places I could have only dreamed of as a high school student sitting in an Introduction to Business class. That course ignited a flame of ambition within me and solidified my belief that I could make a career out of this remarkable world of sports.

Through Sports Business United, I am striving to provide that spark for a new generation.

Sports Business is a Catalyst

High school students face a lack understanding, exposure, and resources to explore the thriving world of sports business. This knowledge gap leaves them uncertain about future career paths, hinders informed decision making and limits their potential. We help bridge this gap by providing transformative solutions, equipping students with the skills and opportunities to thrive in the exciting realm of sports business.

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