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An Overnight Success After Years of Hard Work

More from the Super Bowl.

Kristin Juszczyk, the creator of THOSE jackets that have been launched into the spotlight by Brittany Mahomes, Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner, Simon Biles and others is telling her story this Super Bowl week.

Catapulted by sports, Kristin's story has three key points that anyone can take away regardless of the industry.

1. An Overnight Success takes Years to Create. Taylor Swift's jacket was far from her first creation. She has "been at this for years" and after all the hard work was in great position to maximize this sudden spotlight.

2. Push Beyond Your Comfort Zone. Kristin decided this year to create not just one unique item for herself, but also an item for someone else each week. Thus, spreading the word and sharing her work. Stepping outside of the comfort zone to share your creations can be quite difficult. The sheer thought of "what someone might think" is enough to paralyze momentum and potential growth of many great ideas.

3. Start with Doing Something you Enjoy. "I couldn't find things I wanted to wear, so I decided to make my own." And she made these items for herself because they were things she liked. She didn't try to create something Simone Biles or Taylor Swift would love, she created pieces she loved. And that passion, style, and confidence aids the appeal to others.

Sports Business Classes - - Not much to answer right or debate here, rather this is an opportunity to think as a creator. Don't create to try and make others happy - create for yourself. Success will follow.

A couple additional resources.

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