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Gotta get the Merch!

I have been working on my website for Sports Business United. As I create the site and build out the content, a logo was a big part of the exercise. As I landed closer to a logo I was feeling, I daydreamed and even sketched out some potential merch. I immediately began to create a small product line in my head. How could I create a premium logo hoodie or tee? Who could I seed them to for some exposure? What if they actually became something cool that people wanted to wear?

Whether you are a Sports Business Education start up, an Athlete Recovery equipment supplier, or a very well known sports drink - - "Merch" is part of the branding.

HyperIce, famous for their massage guns and recovery boots, launched a line of apparel including a couple logo hoodies, a logo tee, and a hat. Gatorade has a countdown on their website signaling the launch of their We The Best Capsule collection which is a collaboration with DJ Khaled and for $140 you can receive a limited edition towel, squeeze bottle, and Jordan Brand hoody. With Equipment and Beverages as their respective primary businesses, they are launching limited edition product to drive exposure for the Brand.

Sports Business Classes - - HyperIce and Gatorade selling Hoodies is not a new tactic in branding. Chick-Fil-A, Car manufacturers, and many TV shows are creating limited edition lines of apparel and accessories to promote their brands. How important is Merch for growing Brands? What are the risks to selling merch unrelated to your primary business? Is there anything about these products being "limited edition" that is more or less enticing? Taylor Swift and Travis Scott concert Merch is selling out and fetching 2-3X retail prices in the secondary market. What role does merch play in EVENTS? As you work on your Personal Brand, what type of limited edition merch would you design and sell to help add some exposure to your brand?

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