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The LeBrons

In 2006, Nike dropped The LeBrons campaign. These ads featured the 4 personas of LeBron - Kid, Athlete, Wise and All-Business. 18 years later, these 4 personas continue to be true as LeBron has become the ultimate Athlete, Influencer, Business person, and role model. His reach extends well off the court and he IS the ultimate brand ambassador. He is the face of the NBA. He is the face of Nike Basketball. He is running media companies. He is staying relevant with younger generations through his own kids. He is not in trouble. He goes from High Fashion to Streetwear, from trash talking to acting roles. He is a unicorn.

The Wall Street Journal published an article this week titled The Insatiable Ambition of LeBron James. A line in the subtitle reads - "It's all part of a new model for how athletes can cash in on their fame." I disagree with the words CASH IN.

CASH IN for me sounds like a smash and grab operation. Sounds like how can I make a quick buck based on my name, image, and likeness. CASH IN sounds like the dozens of athletes who crave the Signature Shoe for vanity without the longterm strategy of how sustain the energy.

This is not the story of LeBron. LeBron is not an overnight success in the business space. It is a consistent, intentional, strategic effort to build his brand, build his empire, all while dominating on the court. If he is not dominant on the court, some of the shine and allure goes away. If he makes a couple ugly decisions in a row (think "taking my talents to Miami" presser), opportunities begin to limit themselves.

Like anyone who is successful, the rewards did not just appear from nowhere. LeBron ran the hard yards to create his won future and blaze his own path. The lesson we should take from LeBron is not how to create a media empire or create a skin care line - rather it is all about doing the small things and the hard things consistently. Its is being humble enough o learn from mistakes, but courageous enough to take risks you believe in. It is remaining true to yourself regardless of the shine and the spotlight. It is about investing in yourself and keeping THE MAIN thing, the main thing. He is a basketball player first. He takes care of his body, his health, and his fitness. He is CONSISTENTLY Striving for Greatness in everything he does - pun intended.

This takes Hard Work.

This takes Consistency.

This takes a Village.

This takes Strategy.

This takes Discernment.


This is NOT a formula that is easy to follow.

Currently - There's only ONE LeBron James.

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