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Bigscreen TVs, Cable Networks, Replay Capabilities, RealTime updates, and Streaming Services are a handful of the technological innovations that changed how we experienced sports. Today, there was another leap.

Today the Apple Vision Pro launched.

The much mixed reality headset launches with some amazing apps available that have a great impact on how you could experience sports. There are spatial apps connected to the PGA viewing experience. There are immersive apps that deliver new experiences to MLB, MLS, NBA, and RedBull TV. In addition to the apps, viewers can experience live sports on a variety of networks like Peacock, NBC Sports, ESPN, Paramount+, and Fox Sports.

The Apple Vision Pro delivers an amazing new experience for sports fans. It seamlessly blends digital content with the physical world creating a an experience that stretches well beyond the traditional screen. This new technology not only offers fans a unique viewing experience, but also immerses fans in information, data, and statistics. It puts the viewer directly into the arena to experience sports in the deepest way without shadowing your favorite player throughout the game.

Sports Business Classes - - What are your thoughts on the Apple Vision Pro as it relates to sports? Define the key term TARGET MARKET. Who is the Target Market in this first year for the Vision Pro? How does the Target Market influence the apps or functionality offered? What will need to be true for this new technology to truly change sports? Why might this tech not be broadly adopted by sports fans? What are some actions Apple can control that could spur on adoption by sports fans?

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