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Lenah Ueltzan-Gabell & Joe Tongue discuss their vision for the Women’s Game in 2024

I highly recommend listening to the episode and a few of big takeaways are...


Stay in growth mode. Avoid taking the big numbers for big numbers sake and recognize the runway of growth ahead. capture as many fans and viewers as possible now. Not to say you should sit still on free tv... upgrade the broadcast, make sure to provide time for proper analysis and highlight packages... Her MOTD.


The Angel City Football Club model, for example, is not one that can be simply replicated. Similar to Wrexham AFC, etc - these unique combinations of owners/supporters/communities/stadiums/players are not a simple formula that you can apply to your team or organization. Pull the parts that work for you, but most importantly KNOW YOUR ORGANIZATION better than anyone!


There will be massive moments and inflection points of growth. Arsenal v Chelsea at the Emirates in front of 50K people. But what happens the next week? Are people turning up? Are the media talking about it? Find ways to take the weeks where 6K people are in attendance and treat those moments with similar respect to the 60K supporters moments. 

and finally, BE PATIENT

My leader/boss/mentor has an amazing line that he just nonchalantly tossed out a few weeks back which I have been running with in meetings, of course giving him all the credit - GROW ONCE. Don't get on a roller coaster ride. Don't fall into the yo-yo effect. The opportunity for many women's sports to remain in GROWTH MODE a little bit longer is one that should not be brushed aside. Grow the right way. It will take discipline to not jump at the biggest investment or the shiny opportunity. Take the right steps and not just the headline grabbing steps. And ultimately set yourself to just Grow Once. 

Sports Business Classes - - Do you agree with this sentiment? Should Women's Sports be more aggressive? What are your takeaways and what would you add to the conversation?

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