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Is the NFL ...Ready for It?

Front Office Sports reported an estimate that Taylor Swift generated $331.5M in Brand Value for the Chiefs and the NFL. Per Apex Marketing, this value includes print, digital, radio, highlights, social media, and TV dating back to September.

The Chiefs are now heading to the Super Bowl LVIII to face the 49ers. The NFL could have ever imagined when the season kicked off in the peak of the North America leg of the Eras Tour that the world Super Bowl and Taylor Swift would be uttered together all over the world and that it would have nothing to do with a Halftime Show.

Will she be there? How many times will the broadcast pan to her in the box? What will she be wearing? Who will she be sitting with? And will we see her dancing to Usher?

The NFL has captured lightning in a bottle here! They have pushed the limits with official social media references. They have not stopped the official broadcast partners showing her when and wherever possible. The NFL is quite supportive of all of this. One of the big reasons is the new fans that this particular spotlight brings, younger females. The NFL touts that nearly 50% of the fanbase is female, there are many new fans tuning in as Taylor has introduced the Swifties to the Chiefs.

The NFL can simply plaster Taylor Swift all over their broadcast or reference her on social media, but how can the NFL truly capitalize on this opportunity?

One "same, same, but different" scenario jumps to mind. Leo Messi comes to Inter Miami. AppleTV+ sees a massive bump in MLS Season Pass subscriptions. There is also a massive jump in the demand for tickets for all Miami matches. Will these Messi fans watch other games? Will they tune in if Messi doesn't play? Will they go to games in person where the #10 in pink is not involved? It is in the best interest of the MLS of court these new fans and engage them. Turn that interest into a deeper fandom and longterm commitment.

Now back to the Super Bowl x Taylor Swift.

Sports Business Classes - - What should the NFL do to engage these new fans, deliver value, and get them to tune in when Travis and Taylor are not involved? What specific steps would you take in the lead up to the Big Game and beyond to capitalize on this very unique opportunity? How could you get them to go to games in their local market? Buy merchandise? Put yourself in the seat of the NFL's marketing or merchandising teams. Put yourself in the licensing department. Is there a communication or engagement gap? Is there a product gap?

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