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Messi Maximization Check in

Inter Miami brought a football party to El Salvador. After a rockstar level greeting and meeting the president, the main event resulted in no goals, but the energy and excitement was intense. Messi, Busiest, Jordi Alba and newly signed Louis Suarez all played the first half of the match attended by 30,000+ fans who cheered every touch of the #10 for Miami. On the downside, promising young star Facundo Farias tore his ACL and will be out for the season. A definite blow to Inter Miami's spirit as the club were hoping to see him as a contributor this year.

Following an immediate return to Miami, the team headed West to visit FC Dallas at the Cotton Bowl. With much less fanfare, Inter Miami was defeated 1-0 in front of an announced attendance of 32,000. This is around 1/3 of the Cotton Bowl capacity and the naked eye would say there were far less than announced in the stadium. A couple factors - a 5pm kickoff and bad weather plagued a potential walk up crowd.

Back to Miami. 2 matches in and unfortunately no goals for Messi and Inter Miami, but there is plenty of preseason to come.

Up next on the agenda was a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship christening and massive event with new front of kit sponsor and a launch of a fresh Black kit to contrast the traditional Pink. Messi gave the ship a bit of a "blessing" and placed a MLS football on a stand to commemorate the event which was full of entertainment and bright lights on the Icon of the Seas docked in Miami.

All the while...

This week, experts laid out the the most recent MLS franchise valuations. Inter Miami valuation has increased 74% in the past year from $583M to $1.02B bringing them to the third most valuable MLS franchise and of course the fastest growing. LAFC and Atlanta United are the only clubs valued higher than David Beckham's franchise.

Now off to Saudi Arabia... where in other news an injury to Cristiano Ronaldo has forced his Saudi club, Al Nassr, to cancel their China tour. It also throws into question will the CR7 v Messi showdown actually take place next week??

Sports Business Classes - - Observing the impact a single athlete can have on a team, a city, or a league - what are the benefits to having arguably the best player in the world on your team or in your league? How can you prepare for their imminent departure? A couple thought starters - - NBA without LeBron and Steph. You can attempt to squeeze every ounce of value while these athletes are in your colors, but how can you keep one eye on the future without completely selling out to the present?

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