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"Official", Records, & a Birthday

Sports Business is dynamic. Pull amazing stories, teachable moments, case studies directly from the headlines and sometimes within a week you can see evolution, resolution, and twists and turns that can continue the conversation to spark further reflection and learning.

There have a been few topics this past week that have returned to the top of the pile with some updates.

Kristen Juszczyk is currently in talks with the NFL to spin her one of one, creative pieces into official NFL Merchandise. These jackets appeared on the NFL catwalk on the likes of Brittany Mahomes, Deebo Samuel, Simone Biles, Taylor Lautner, and of course Taylor Swift. A few things that this highlighted is the demand for high-end unique product, specifically when it comes to serving the quickly growing female fanbase of the NFL. So, here we go. The Official Licensee route involves some serious investment and oversight. Great topic - - What is a LICENSEE? What is a Minimum Royalty Guarantee? What are Approval Rights? What are Brand Standards? These are all things that Kristen Juszczyk will need to navigate. Is it worth it? Should she become an "official" or seek another route to turn her amazing work into a larger business? Is it worth it to pursue getting bigger?

Caitlin Clark has officially broken the all-time record for most expensive Women's basketball card. The card is currently at auction with a high bid of $21,600 with over 5 days to go. The previous record with Sabrina at $11,500. Women's Sports will continue to set records in the coming 12 months, 12 weeks, and even 12 days. The only constant in this dynamic world will be the shattering of prior bests. Anyone who has an attendance record, sponsorship record, franchise valuation record, salary record, viewership record enjoy it for the next 10 minutes because it will surpassed in the not so distant future. Are there are areas of sport where records have become "white noise"? Where the numbers have virtually been thrown out because they won't last?

And one more from Caitlin Clark. Happy Birthday!!! And courtesy of her NIL deal she gifted her teammates all a pair of fresh Nike Dunks to celebrate the occasion. We have seen this before with Gatorade, Beats, etc utilizing their contracted NIL athletes to seed or gift the entire team with some product. Shedeur Sanders gave the entire University of Colorado football team headphones back in September. On the surface, this feels like a win-win. The player looks good by sharing their opportunity with their teammates. The company is able to seed other athletes with their product, expanding their reach and influence. What are your thoughts? Are there any pitfalls in this "seeding" strategy? What would be a natural NIL extension that could you see an athlete sharing with their team?

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