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Thoughts on Professor Prime - Day 1

Primetime Public Performance and Leadership course at the University of Colorado is underway. And the first day of class was documented by Deion Sanders Jr. and WellOff Media. It was everything I hoped it would be for a First Day of class for Professor Prime.

He flowed between Business and Leadership under the guidance of a classroom moderator and spent much of this first session answering student questions.

He jumped right into the importance of STORYTELLING. He had Uncle Neely and Deion Jr alongside him to share how they amplify and extend the Story of Coach Prime and the team. He talked a little about the Coach Prime on Amazon and the importance owning the narrative being pivotal from sports to business and beyond.

He spoke frankly about NIL vs Collectives. Provided some "real talk" definitions of how players are being compensated. He discussed the some opportunities for improvement of the system and also how things vary from school to school. He was open about his personal (and to some, controversial) Leadership style and defining success by seeing people shine and setting them up for success.

The life long student in me would 100% love to register for and take this course. The Sports Business teacher in me would leap at the chance to shape the journey this course could take over a semester and maximize this opportunity academically.

Throughout the semester they could dive specific aspects of Leadership, Business, Marketing, etc. I would push for more Professor Prime and a guest. Utilize his vast network to collaborate in person or virtually to offer invaluable lessons. Bring in Chase Fisher, CEO of Blenders, to discuss marketing, owning a moment, product placement, etc. Get Nike in there for some real talk about product and defining the SWAG of the Buffs. Get Gatorade and Shedeur in there to chat about NIL. Get the Amazon folks there to go deep in storytelling and big media. Have Constance Schwartz-Morini talk about real world of representation and business advisors. The opportunity to have Professor Prime and Friends each week to discuss a big topic in business, leadership, sports, media, and sprinkling in some life lessons is one that Colorado shouldn't let slip away.

Sports Business Classes - - Not every course can deliver A list celebrities week in and week out. BUT - - how could you utilize your network to create the environment where students can be inspired by, learn from, and network with the brightest minds in your local sports business scene? If you were challenged to have a guest each week to accompany your big topic, who would be on your list? Reach out. You will be surprised how quickly the YES comes.

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