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Unique Product for a Unique Moment

A few weeks ago, this post below looked at how sports can change the environment of competitions to create bigger impact. Today, there was an interesting addition to the concept of changing the environment. What if you combine thoughtful and unique product drops to align with this new environment??? 

Today the National Hockey League (NHL) dropped their unique "sweaters" for their Stadium Series. 2 games will be held at Met life Stadium on February 17th when the Philadelphia Flyers face the New Jersey Devils followed by the New York Islanders against the New York Rangers on February 18th.

The jerseys are not only a unique look to drive more interest and sales around this event, but they are created to perform better in the much larger, outdoor environment. Exaggerated, bold logos, blocking, and the contrasting team colors play off the classic looks of each team and create a unique look for a unique game in a unique environment. The jerseys will have limited availability at retail and are likely created to sell through and be out of stock about a week after the game. 

Tight geographic area, local rivalry games, a novel venue, limited edition product that has meaningful story telling with a finite time of exposure, and passionate fans will combine for a well outsized impact over a normal regular season division game. 

Sports Business Classes - - Read this article and obsess the product offering. Then re-read this post... What would some product solutions (performance apparel, fanwear, footwear, equipment, etc look like for one or two of the other events... Women's College Volleyball or Basketball in Football Stadium? Manchester United and Real Madrid in the Big House? How could product play a role in these events? What special product would you recommend these teams bring to market to finish the play on these events?

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