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What replaces the Cover?

Sports Illustrated was THE source for young fans of my generation. It was Thursdays. It arrived to a flip through followed by a week of combing through the pages. The covers, the stories, the ads, and the routine of all of it made it a staple in the experience of all sports enthusiasts.

As Sports Illustrated shutters operations, I have to believe part of the reasoning is that the publication is not at the center of today's young fan experience.

So if not Sports Illustrated - what is the source, the routine, the content that evokes emotion from the next generation of fans? Podcasts? Youtube and Creators? TikTok? Instagram? Athlete owned channels?

Sports Business Classes - - discuss this and share what you hear! I am very curious what's next. What is the next platform that athletes will value being in, that fans will flock to, and will be the credible source of sports for the future?

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