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It is Amazon Prime Time

Amazon is flexing its Sports muscle.

Just today in the news the new NWSL Friday night soccer schedule was released and the streamer announced a docu-series focused on LSU athletics throughout the 23/24 seasons exploring the impact of NIL featuring Olivia Dunn, Angel Reese, and Jayden Daniels.

Amazon is playing primarily in the world of Live sports and docs. Amazon is averaging over 15M viewers for NFL Thursday Night Football and broadcast the first Black Friday game. Documentaries like Coach Prime and the All or Nothing series combine the drama, emotion, and athleticism of sport in a great package that has truly captivated audiences. Amazon also has the broadcast rights for a portion Premier League matches in the UK. They also have done some amazing deep dives on singular athletes like Reggie Jackson and Barry Sanders.

Amazon also has a pending investment in Diamond Sports who owns 18 regional sports networks with rights to 37 pro teams (11 MLB, 15 NBA, 11NHL). Diamond is currently in bankruptcy and the Amazon investment will shift the broadcasts to Prime Video in their local markets. The final details and approvals are subject to Bankruptcy court, but by keeping some of the Regional Sports Networks alive, Amazon is becoming a bigger player on the Sports Broadcasting scene.

Amazon is growing their sports footprint. They have a diverse, global portfolio of established sports brands and up and coming leagues. They are a platform for live sports as well as a production house working with players, coaches, teams, leagues, and events to create original programming. Amazon is ALL IN when it comes to sports.

Sports Business Classes - Focus on the concepts of DIFFERENTIATION and COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. What is Amazon's point of Differentiation in the world of Sports and Streaming? Why are sports an important part of the overall Amazon portfolio? When it comes to choosing a streaming partner, what might Amazon's competitive advantage be? Why is Amazon attractive to both big names like the NFL and growing leagues like the NWSL?

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